The Skincare Bible: 180 Days of Skincare

The Skincare Bible: 180 Days of Skincare

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(TN-Licensed Esthetician) was created to help skincare newbies and enthusiasts navigate through the skin world by shedding light on different terminology, techniques, do's, dont's and so much more. It will help to serve as a guide and reference rather than a fact as the skincare industry is constantly changing and evolving with each new ingredient or discovery but will arm each enthusiast with the working knowledge to make clear, concise decisions on what to put in and on their skin.

Table of Contents:
- Skincare Commandments
- Identifying Skin Types
- Product Versus
- Skincare Definitions
- Ingredients to Avoid
- What Are Good Ingredients?
- Tools of the Trade
- Skincare Professionals
- Problem v. Solution
- AM v. Pm Routine
- Self-Care Sunday

The Skincare Bible is packed with information that will help any skincare newbie or enthusiast looking to better understand skin, skincare, and skin health.