Nuriya Mack, a dynamic entrepreneur and skincare expert, hails from the home of the blues, Memphis, TN. Born and raised in this soulful city, she embarked on a remarkable journey initially fueled by aspirations of becoming an anesthesiologist. Despite this initial career goal, she evolved into the driving force behind NüEssence®, a thriving beauty and wellness brand.

Her educational journey began at Kent State University, located in Kent, OH, where she earned a degree in Clinical Trials Research. Throughout her college years from 2015 to 2019, she not only excelled academically but also showcased dedication and discipline as a student-athlete in gymnastics—a passion that remains close to her heart.

Opting for a significant career pivot, she decided to enroll in the esteemed Ivy Institute School of Aesthetics. In 2021, she successfully completed the program and obtained her Tennessee license, marking the commencement of her journey as a licensed esthetician.

Nuriya prides herself on her business mission, focusing on the importance of educating and arming individuals with the knowledge to make clear, concise decisions about what goes on and in their skin. Her commitment to excellence led her to pursue additional certifications, further enriching her expertise. She holds certifications in Dermaplane, Aromatherapy, Chinese Medicine, Reflexology, Skinscript Chemical Peels, and Circadia Chemical Peels.

Beyond her role at NüEssence®, Nuriya remains deeply connected to her gymnastics roots. In her free time, she serves as the team manager and social media coordinator for the historic Fisk University Gymnastics team. Leveraging her impressive 10 years of coaching experience, she passionately serves as the Camp Director for the first and only HBCU Gymnastics Camp in the country, Bulldog Gymnastics Camp. Through these roles, Nuriya continues to contribute to the gymnastics community, sharing her expertise and fostering a supportive environment for black and brown gymnasts.

As the founder, CEO, and lead esthetician of NüEssence®, Nuriya Mack seamlessly combines her scientific background with an artistic flair for skincare. Her unique approach merges the principles of clinical research with holistic wellness practices, offering a comprehensive and personalized experience for her clients. Under her leadership, NüEssence® has become synonymous with quality, innovation, and a holistic approach to skincare, setting new standards in the beauty industry. Nuriya's multifaceted journey exemplifies the power of passion, resilience, and the pursuit of one's true calling in crafting a successful and fulfilling career.