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The Rebirth Collection
Cira Carter

This collection is amazing. The book itself was so help just the thing I was learning and didn't even know that what I need to look for in my skin care. I love the rose water make my face smell so good

Helped with chest ache

Saw a difference with ache on chest after 2 weeks of using the soap. Also doesn’t dry my skin out like other charcoal soaps

Mimic Facial Toner
Ashlee Blair
Clean and gentle skincare

I am HUGE into skincare, especially pharmaceutical grade products and products that are clean/good for your skin. I constantly saw marketing for NuEssence and immediately was drawn to it and wanted to research it more. I’m so glad I did! It fits great with the skincare I already use.
I bought the Mimic facial toner and noticed more hydration during the day. I wear face masks working at the hospital, so I am constantly dry. Not to mention I live in a dry state. I also noticed my skin tone was even and brighter.
The other product I purchased was the exfoliating masque. At the time I had a cold and it helped with my dry skin but also was gentle. I am very happy to say these products are great! I now have my family using these products and more from this line. I believe these products are amazing for all ages and all types of skin.


The Evolve Collection
Shatyra W.
Five stars !!!

10/10 all other facial washes I’ve tried made my face itch but the evolve collection makes my face feel clean and smooth.

Balm Lip Treatment
Jessika Plantin
Balm lip treatment

I didn't get it in the mail yet but it leaves my lips feeling soft

Cleanse Facial Wash
Kristina Johnson

Cleanse Facial Wash

Consistency is key!

It has been a week since I started using the Be Gone Spot Treatment and I love the results! I should have done before and after pictures, but I can visibly see a difference. This roll on stick helped reduce the redness of my blemishes and my marks are almost gone! With the help of the foaming cleanser, rose water hydration mist, and the renew face oil, my skin is getting the love it needs! I also loved that this product came with a skincare routine card in case I forget a step!

bar soap

The turmeric bar soap really made my skin feel really smooth and soft .

Cleanse Facial & Body Bar
Jessika Plantin
Cleanse facial and body bar

I love how it makes my face feel

Nourish Body Butter
Jessika Plantin
Toner/body lotion

I love my products haven't tired the lip treatment but all the products I order from y'all are amazing

Calendula Toner
Laqoya Brokenbaugh
Wishful thinking

Calendula toner ... What can i say other than i ordered it , paid for it , JUST NEVER RECIEVED IT ! I sent out am email stating i didmt get it , i was told to look out for a tracking number & here it is a whole month later and still never recieved it ..

Hey Laqoya -
We're sorry to hear that you have still not received your Calendula toner. Within 24-48 hours of the email correspondence the missing Calendula toner was shipped out via USPS First Class mail. Given you still have not received the item, we are more than happy to issue a refund, for the item, and send another toner. Thank you for your feedback. It is greatly appreciate it.

Best Scrub Ever!

I absolutely love this body scrub. I use it twice a week. It rinses off well and leaves my skin so soft. And it smells fabulous!!!

Love it

It feels really good on my body! It smells great too

Balm Lip Treatment
Will purchase again!

Loved my mask and chapstick! I’ll be getting more of both


Love this stuff! Smell amazing and works well on Ingrown hair. I had a couple and within 2 days it was completely gone! I’ll continue to buy this! Glad a grabbed two bottles!


The TONE mask does wonders for my skin. It is an absolute staple in my skincare routine.

Soothe Body Butter
Alandia Strong
Sooth Body Butter Babbyyyy

I absolutely love this product. I use it every night for my night time routine. The two essentials oils in this product is chamomile and lavender. Both of those ingredients prompt relaxation and unwinding. So, by me putting this on every night it really helps me relax and unwind. For those big on not liking essential oils because the fragrance being too strong, this product is for you!! The essential only are fragranced, but they aren’t overbearing. It’s just enough to activate the soothing and relaxing feeling. Although it’s good for all skin types, I find myself to be more dry. So, It’s only amazing for the dry folks. It’s just enough oil to hydrate and leave you glowing, but not oily to the point where it feels like it’s just sitting on the skin and not absorbing. I love that about this product! Y’all, add this product to your Sunday unwind routine and I promise you won’t regret it! This product has your feeling all warm and cozy.


This e-book is very informative. Grab it while it's free!


My face has never felt so soft! This skin oil is amazing. I also bought the toner and moisturing spray, and together, they make for a skin care system that actually works for my dry skin. I’m so ready to try more products from this line!

Amazing E-Book!

Learned a lot about my skin type! Highly recommend. Will be using this more than once!

Nectar Yoni Oil
Crystale Clayton
Love it

I should have gotten 2 bottles. Smells amazing

Remedy Milk Bath
Victoria E
The Remedy

This has to be one of my favorite bath additives! **this + rosewater..thank me later!! Your skin will be feeling soft and hydrated when you get out the tub and don’t let you put on a body butter right after!! Skin be feeling like silk!

You in fact do learn something new everyday!!

Honestly I did not know that you could have combination skin. For example on my nose I have a lot of black heads and it does not feel as smooth as my forehead or cheeks. While I don’t develop a lot of acne on my cheeks I do break out with red bumps occasionally. I can really tell the difference when I put on foundation. So I usually use a foundation for oily skin. The ebook said it could be caused by beauty products. I usually use cetaphil for my cheeks and it works. However i am open to building a great skin regimen.

Skin Survival Kit
Kindra Barnes
Love the products!

Instant hydration!