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This e-book is very informative. Grab it while it's free!


My face has never felt so soft! This skin oil is amazing. I also bought the toner and moisturing spray, and together, they make for a skin care system that actually works for my dry skin. I’m so ready to try more products from this line!

Amazing E-Book!

Learned a lot about my skin type! Highly recommend. Will be using this more than once!

Love it

I should have gotten 2 bottles. Smells amazing

The Remedy

This has to be one of my favorite bath additives! **this + rosewater..thank me later!! Your skin will be feeling soft and hydrated when you get out the tub and don’t let you put on a body butter right after!! Skin be feeling like silk!

You in fact do learn something new everyday!!

Honestly I did not know that you could have combination skin. For example on my nose I have a lot of black heads and it does not feel as smooth as my forehead or cheeks. While I don’t develop a lot of acne on my cheeks I do break out with red bumps occasionally. I can really tell the difference when I put on foundation. So I usually use a foundation for oily skin. The ebook said it could be caused by beauty products. I usually use cetaphil for my cheeks and it works. However i am open to building a great skin regimen.

Skin Survival Kit
Love the products!

Instant hydration!


I love this foaming face wash. It doesn’t feel heavy or harsh like the face washes I’ve used in the past. I’ve seen a big difference in my skin since using it. It smells good too and leaves my skin feeling clean and hydrated


I’ve been using this oil for about a month along with the face wash cleanser & I’m in love. It has improved my skin so much and leaves it so soft after each use. It keeps my skin really hydrated too with the winter weather and got rid of my dry spots I had!

Liquid Gold!!

I absolutely love the radiant oil!! It makes my face feel so soft. I already started to see results after the 3rd day.

Glow Up Bundle

I love it! These products give me a different glow.

Love It!!!!

I have been using this facial wash for almost three weeks now. I love how it made my skin feel afterwards. I can definitely see the results.

Honee Turmeric

I love this soap soooo much. It helps with my dark marks, and hyperpigmentation that I might have on my body. I absolutely love it.

Fresa Lip Scrub

I Wanted To Love This Product Like Everyone Else Has, But unfortunately I Never Recieved This or The Yoni Oil.

Hey Dejanay! We're so sorry to hear that you never received your package. Per our records, the package was delivered successfully to the address on file. We received an email about incorrect address; however, as mentioned in our email correspondence we were unable to change the address because it had already been processed. We opened an investigation on the package and given the failure to file a change of address with the U.S. Postal Service we are unable to claim the insurance on the package. Due to the discrepancy on the order, we are more than happy to cover your order; however, the total cost of shipping must be covered by you. Once the invoice is paid we will mail your order immediately. Thank you for your patience as we try to rectify this situation.

Love it makes my skin feel so soft !

One of my favorite products!!

I’ve been using this product faithfully since I purchased it and I could tell a huge difference with just using it the first couple days. It’s not harsh on the skin but gets your face clean at the same time. My mom is tryna take it since I’ve given her and my dad a facial. I’ma have to get them their own lol


Bought this soap for the first time a few weeks ago! It left my skin feeling clean but at the same time moisturized! I ended up stocking up on my next purchase!

This balm lip treatment changed the game!

After using up my other lip balms, I needed a moisturizing balm that didn’t have a strong scent and wouldn’t irritate my asthma. I also chronically lick my lips and need serious moisture to prevent that. This lip balm changed the game for me and has made my lips so soft. I may be single this Valentine’s Day, but if I keep using this I might have a man by the next! Highly recommend!

Calendula toner

It keeps my skin looking and feeling great


I love this toner, i used to just straight witch hazel (my face was soo dry) and then i switched to NuEssence rose water but i still felt like something was missing and then i started useing the Toner. It’s such a happy medium and the smell is 10/10!

Sugar scrub

I love the scrub my body be so smooth and it smells good

Self-care Sunday

I put this mask on me and my two boys face for self-care Sunday and we love it. Our faces felt so good I will definitely be back.

Cleanse facial wash

I love the facewash it has my skin looking healthy and it smells so good

Nourish Body Butter

This body butter smells AMAZING! It is so smooth and it leaves my skin feeling hydrated. The smell isn’t overbearing either.

Awesome stuff!!!!

I love the cool tingling feeling of this toner after I wash my face. Will definitely be a return customer for this product.