Toner = Skincare Secret Weapon 💯

It's time to add this secret weapon to your skincare routine. It's often overlooked, unappreciated, and undervalued as it looks like water, feels like water, but most definitely isn't water!

If you guessed TONER, you are correct! 

Toners, by definition, are fast-penetrating liquids that help balance the skin's pH, helping to improve skin health and product penetration. 

Similar to any skincare product, no toner is equal to the other as each formulation has its intended target or function- tightening pores, adding hydration, soothing irritated skin, reducing acne, balancing oil production, and so on. Toners have a wide range of benefits and can include active ingredients (lactic acid, glycolic acid), antioxidants (green tea, bilberries), or anti-inflammatory properties (aloe vera, chamomile)

You know the saying, "Different Strokes for Different Folks"? That saying applies to toners, too! Someone with oily or acne-prone skin would look for a witch hazel-based toner with supporting ingredients such as Salicylic Acid. But, someone with dry, dull, or dehydrated skin would look for rosewater or aloe vera-based toner with supporting ingredients glycerin or lactic acid. 

We currently offer three to get you started:

💦 Mimic Facial Toner - Witch Hazel Based ideal for combination, oily + acne-prone skin

💦 Soothe Facial Mist - A blend of calming botanicals to soothe dry, irritated, skin.

💦 Refresh Rosewater - A rosewater blend with glycerin to help add moisture to the skin 

We have a little bit to get you started 😉

Now that you have the foundation, where does the toner go in the routine, and how do you use it? Well, often, people limit the toner to right after the cleanser, but it can be used throughout your routine. Your skin is like a sponge! And sponges are better wet than dry, right? Therefore, keeping the skin hydrated throughout the process allows for better product penetration, helping to improve overall skin health. 

It's safe to think of your toner as the primer of your skincare routine. Keeps the skin damp for the steps to follow to give you a flawless finish.

They're applied three ways: misting, patting, or rubbing onto the skin. Each method utilizes a different benefit toners offer. Misting the toner helps balance the skin's pH and adds instant hydration. Patting on the skin helps directly apply and activate active ingredients. Rubbing with a cotton ball helps lift excess dirt, oils, and debris left on the skin.

As an esthetician, I use all three methods in the treatment room, which varies based on the client's treatment plan. For example, after we double cleanse, we apply the toner to a cotton round and gently wipe upwards; in between mask application(s), we lightly mist, after removing the mask(s), we gently wipe with a cotton round, and before the serum, we gently pat the toner into the skin.

Make sense? 

Now, that's what I do in my treatment room. I can't speak for other estheticians, nor will I try to. But I like to keep it simple for my clients when it comes to their at-home care. I always recommend we start with simply using the product. Please just start; we'll worry about the rest once we've mastered adding it to the routine.

Whichever method serves you and your skin, we'll go with it! You'll be surprised how adding this one product will transform your skin. Are you ready to add this skincare secret weapon 👀?


. . . Until next time on the #SkinTea report ☕


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