#SkinTea Report: Sunscreen Me Please ☀️

Exert From Email List Exclusive on September 5, 2023. 
It's hot off the presses that you didn't wear sunscreen all summer 😅
Look this is a judgement-free zone. We all fall short but there is still time to get on the right foot. If you WANT TO GET RID OF DARK MARKS the best way to do this is to PREVENT & PROTECT your skin from any more damage. I preach this to my clients daily!
Yes, melanin-rich skin has some natural SPF (sun protection factors) BUT it is NOT ENOUGH 💯
The Sun is a GREAT SOURCE of Vitamin D which helps:
1) Calm Inflammation
2) Improve Skin Cell Turnover
3) Enhances Wound Healing
If you're anything like me and want to receive the maximum benefits of Vitamin D, you can sunbath from sunrise until 9:30/10amish without sunscreen for roughly 20 minutes. So, that morning cup of coffee or tea with nature is a great way to start your day! 
But, if you want stay a little longer you'll need a PROTECTION as with everything good there can be some bad. As the rays of the sun: UVA (Aging Rays) + UVB (Burning Rays) can have short- and long-term effects on the skin and overall health:
1) Pre-mature Signs of Aging (Crows Feet,Wrinkles)
2) Hyperpigmentation 
3) Weak Immune System
4) Increases Chances of Skin Cancer
That's just to name a few! And, before you start with I don't like the way sunscreen feels or smells. No worries, it problem wasn't formulated for your skin type or your needs anyway 😗:
1) Powdered Sunscreen - perfect for reapplication when wearing makeup.
2) Oil-Free Sunscreens - perfect for Oily/Acne-Prone skin types usually have a matte/velvet finish.
3) Mineral Sunscreen - perfect for people looking for a more 'natural' sunscreen with Zinc Oxide as the main SPF; however, it has a tendency to leave a white cast on melanin-rich skin.
4) Rich, Creamy Sunscreens - perfect for dry skin types as shea butter and avocado oil are used as the base with chemically enhanced ingredients to act as SPFs.
My favorite brand(s) I recommend for my clients to keep on hand that can be found at Ulta, Sephora or Target are: Supergoop, Black Girl Sunscreen, Paula's Choice, and Naturium.
If you don't have access to these brands or they don't suit your skin needs. That's ok! Find what works for you! Applying some sunscreen IS BETTER THAN applying no sunscreen. 
Thanks for tapping into this #SkinTea Report until next time!
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